Coping with the day to day rigours of running your own business can be lonely. Time is always short, the days long, operational priorities dominate. You will have built your business on your name and reputation and growth brings with it many issues, Very few are capable of knowing everything and at times you will be asking yourself questions: How can I move my business forward?  Why do I lose staff?  Why is my competition more successful than me? Why am I not coping? Occasionally you will need to step back from the business in order to move it forward. Having someone support you in achieving positive improvements, listening to your issues, helping you define the key areas for action and nurturing your development will see you able to solve most problems. Yvonne Pearcy has first hand experience of running a business and has developed 2 business support packages to help you.                                                   Business Health Check                                           Mentoring They can be spread over a period to suit you and your needs, but it is important to develop an on going relationship to make sure any changes implemented really work, for you and your business.  Mind Matter  Anything I’ve ever done that was ultimately worthwhile .  .  initially scared me to death”                           Betty Bender